I am a food lover, passionate windowsill gardener and master of making a meal with whatever is in the cupboard.

My passion is cooking, followed by photography and travel, so 99% of the pictures you will see are mine.

After leaving Austria, I used to live in France for a few years, followed by the US and also a short stint in Brazil before I decided to live in the UK, not to mention my unforgettable time working in this pan-Asian place in Vienna with the Thai kitchen and Chinese kitchen staff that showed me so much. So there you have it, a whole lot of food experiences and influences, which I use to play with when creating recipes.

I decided to start my blog back in 2015 as I wanted to share the passion I have for food, be it simple or more intricate, feed the whole family or treat yourself to a bit of extravagance. As a flexetarian I embrace all diets, vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian and meat recipes and also have gluten free categories. Over the last few years I have not have had as much time to devote to the blog as I wanted to, but finally in 2019 I decided that this is the turning point to dedicate myself to what I love doing full time.

I hope to inspire you with my recipes, everyday cooking, tips on zero food waste, local produce and making a fancy meal with just basic things everyone has in their cupboard. I strongly believe that everyone should eat well and leave the junk food to fast food places.

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Have a lovely day and happy cooking.