Best veggie scraps stock

Make something out of nothing.

This is a simple veggie stock recipe that I make from scraps. I have a big tub in the freezer to which I add all vegetable scraps, be it the onion and garlic cut offs, the bottom of a celery or stems of mushrooms. The best way to fill up the tub is to leave it out when prepping for a Sunday roast. There you get the best selection and variety of veggies, potato peels, carrot ends and peels, Brussels sprout ends and leaves, you get the gist,…

I also never seem to get to the end of a kale bag and so before it goes bad it goes into the “stock pot”. There is always a slight change it flavour as I never use the exact amounts of same veggies from one to the next time, but that makes it exiting too.

Once the freezer pot is full and I have about an hours time to make my stock, I transfer everything to a large pot and cover it with about 2-3 liters of water. How much water really depends on the size of your “collection” pot and also your stove top pot. Usually my veggies take up about half to 2/3 of the pot before I add the water, this way you won’t end up with stock colour but not taste.

Further to that I add 3 bay leaves, some pepper corns, 5-6 juniper berries and perhaps some rosemary and thyme if I have some available. I add salt to taste towards the end and make sure I only add a little. Add it to your liking and taste. Of course you can also add

Bring to the boil and then let is simmer away for about 45 minutes, the stock should have taken the lovely flavour of the veg. I take a sieve and strain the boiled veggies from the stock. Then, just to clarify the stock even further (you can skip this step if you like), I repeat the process but add a muslin to capture any small bits.

I throw the boiled veggies scraps on my compost heap and let the broth cool down before dividing it into various sized tupper ware. Some bigger ones to add to roast chicken (it makes the gravy even better) and some smaller ones in case I only roast one chicken breast or for recipes that call for smaller amounts of stock.

Voila, something out of nothing that is healthy, flavorful and helps to keep your household zero waste.