Wickenden Meats – The butchers that make you laugh

In today’s article, I want to introduce you to my favourite butcher in Brighton (Hove actually), Wickenden Meats.

Not only do they have great quality meats and sausages but you can also buy rubs, pasties or other things they have on their specials board. The customer service is exceptional and comes with the driest sense of humor. Literally, the funniest butchers I have ever met in my life! As you can imagine, a place where sausages and all cuts of meat are sold, is perfect for silly innuendos. There hasn’t been one time, I didn’t walk out laughing from the good-natured banter and that just adds to my personal customer experience.

They are a family run business that was first started by ‘Granddad wick’ in 1951 at Salisbury market. The market proved so popular that he built the business up by adding another four markets to the Wickenden Meats portfolio, which are still as popular today as they were back then.

Fast forward to today and the business has been passed down through three generations of Wickenden Sons, with the view that many more hand-overs will follow. Wickenden Meats pride themselves on supplying top notch meats at prices that wont break the bank!

In fact, they are so confident, that they offer a quality assurance, full money back guarantee if not 100% satisfied with the purchase. They believe that customer satisfaction is the key success. With 5 out of 5 star Facebook reviews, I think they sussed it out.

They deliver locally, even through lockdown. You can find the link to their website here. On Facebook, they have a monthly hamper draw and also showcase specials and best buys of the week, follow them here.

Pictures have been supplied by Wickenden Meats.

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