The ultimate vegetarian burger

This aubergine, halloumi and pesto burger is one of my all-time favourite burgers and even more so in autumn when aubergines are in season.

For this dish I made the pesto with peppery rocket and a hint of lemon, beautifully contrasting the saltiness of the Halloumi and complementing the aubergine.

It is an easy meal that you can rustle up in no time and will be loved by vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. If you are like me and don’t care for store-bought pesto, then you will completely change your mind once you have tried your own homemade version. Pesto can be so versatile and playing around with ingredients will add subtle undertones to elevate your dishes. For the pesto recipe please click here.

To make the burger you will need your buns, halloumi (about half a packet per person), aubergine, the homemade pesto, and shredded lettuce, plus some seasoning for your aubergine slices.

Start by cutting about half-inch slices of the aubergine and season them on both sides. Add a little oil in a hot frying pan and place the aubergines in the pan. They will take about 10-15 minutes to cook and starting to get charred. Turn them over every 5 minutes. In the meantime, cut the halloumi in slices and get them ready. Halloumi cooks incredibly fast, so it will go into the pan once the aubergines are ready.

Time to get your burgers ready, add pesto to both sides of your bun and place the shredded lettuce on the bottom. When the aubergine is ready, add a slice to each side of the bun, add the grilled halloumi slices in the middle and voila, your ultimate vegetarian burger is ready to be eaten.

I had this burger quite a lot lately and always went straight to eating it, rather than take a picture and write a post. I finally managed to make the burger, get the recipe up and take a nice pic.

I hope you like the burger as much as me, let me know in your comments.

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